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If you just can’t wait until April 4 to spend the day learning Hadoop with us for free, here’s some good news: You can spend the day with us a week earlier! On Thursday, March 27, GitHub trainer Peter Bell stops by 2 Park Avenue to help us all work with Git and GitHub more effectively. In…


In 2003, I was an intern for a software company called VMware that was beginning to popularize the use of virtual machines to consolidate enterprise servers. As part of my project, I interviewed several customers to understand how they were using a VMware product called ESX Server that seemingly did the impossible: it turned a single X86 computer into several virtual servers. Every system administrator I spoke with was ecstatic as they described the magic like experience they had with VMware. A few years later in 2007, I noticed that several of my developer friends were using a new service from an on-line book store called EC2. They were just as enthusiastic about about Amazon’s new cloud business as they described the magic like ability to spin up servers on demand in seconds.

As an open source project, Docker has today captured the same kind of excitement and imagination from developers and system administrators that VMware and EC2 did. In fact, every conversation I have had with Docker users reminds me of those early VMware and AWS conversations. So much so, I believe they are poised to become one of the most valuable technologies across clouds, private and public.

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Real-time bidding will leverage location and context to make mobile advertising more effective.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are all moving to native ads.

The path to building a breakout mobile product comes with an entirely new set of rules. As users increasingly shift their attention from websites to mobile apps, your strategy for acquiring and engaging…